• Title
    Arnolds Charity of Furtho
  • Reference
  • Date
  • Date
    Early: 1250
    Late: 1961
  • Exent
    Seven hundred and seventy seven items
  • Archival history
    Edmund Arnold was born of a poor family in Nether Heyford. By hard work and some good fortune he became a lawyer. He graduated from Merton College Oxford on 10th October 1661 via the Court of Arches. He began to purchase land around Furtho and eventually acquired the Furtho estate. In his will he left the bulk of his estate in trust to a Charity, called Arnold's Charity, for the support and encouragement of Apprentices from several villages which had been part of his life. His descendants contested the will but it was upheld. The documents listed below were Edmund Arnold's papers and those accumulated after his death.
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