• Title
    Particulars and conditions of sale of the bankrupt estate of Richard Marriott
  • Reference
  • Date
    15 June 1810
  • Date
    Early: 1810
    Late: 1810
  • Scope and Content
    Particulars and conditions of sale by Mason and Son, auctioneers, of the bankrupt estate of Richard Marriott in Northampton. Annotated with purchasers names amounts paid Lot 1:Two tenements adjoining each other in Woolmonger Street, one an inn called the Admiral Nelson occupied by William Edwards, the other a house Occupied by Edward Russell, with stables behind Purchased by James Brown Lot 2: A, 'rich and fertile garden' in front of lot 1 occupied by Edwards and Russell Purchased by Mr Abbey Lot 3: A newly erected but unfinished brick tenement in Woolmonger Street adjoining to the east of the gateway of lot 1 Purchased by Mr Abbey Lots 4 to 6: Three further unfinished brick tenements in Woolmonger Street, all adjoining 4 and 5 purchased by Mr Abbey, 6 by Mr Pettifer Lot 7: A tenement in Gold Street and in Woolmonger Street, late in the occupation of Mrs Easton and now occupied by James Taylor. With stabling, a brewhouse and two newly erected warehouses. A, ' most disirable' lot for a woolstapler, 'or any business which requires room' purchased by Mr Abbey Lot 8: Two leasehold tenements in Gold Street adjoining each other, occupied by George Charlton and widow Ayres, with a workshop and granary. Leased from the trustees of George Cole's charity for 99 years from 1808. With a convenant to demolish the tenements within five years of 1809 and to erect, 'one or more good substantial dwelling house or dwelling houses' Purchased by Mr Gates for Messrs Chapman, Parriter and Glazier Lot 9: A tenement in Kingswell Lane occupied by Mrs Burton Purchased by Pierce Cornfield Lot 10: A tenement in Kingswell Lane called the Old Sausage House adjoining lot 9. Occupied by John Buzzard and purchased by him Lot 11:A pew in the north aisle of All Saints Lot 12: A tenement at the bottom of Market Hill or Square, for mant years in the occupation of Mr Fish a watchmaker but now occupied by Mr Parez, a gilder purchased by Mr Parez
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